Sandwich Toaster

Left the office at 1730 today, went to the optician to get a second pair of glasses. Then it occurred to me. I need a sandwich toaster.

It was not obvious where I can get a sandwich toaster around my house. The optician recommended Fust, located two stops further towards Stauffacher.

Bought a sandwich toaster there, for 19 Franks. Stopped at Co-op on the way home and bought some sandwich bread and cheese.

At home I installed the toaster and made two sandwiches. They were not very good. The bread I bought was horrible.

I ate half a sandwich.

I threw the rest of the two sandwiches away. The bread was horrible anyway.

I usually don't eat after coming home.

Anyway, this is the sandwich toaster.


No, not everything (or anything) I write has to be interesting or of any value to anyone. Today I wanted to write about my new toaster.

I feel better now.

Just don't buy sandwich bread from Co-op in Switzerland.

 © Andrew Brehm 2016