What to do when PowerShell Remoting stops working

Usually, when PowerShell Remoting stops working on a computer, I follow this simple and easy process.

  1. Get very very angry because PowerShell Remoting seems to use every opportunity to stop working.
  2. Imagine hitting Microsoft and screaming “The sshd always works, you b*stards!”
  3. Try to solve the problem.

In this article I will write down every solution I found when I run into the issue and find it. This article will be updated every now and then.

If you are running Windows on VMware Fusion using NAT

Go to this article: What to do when VMware Fusion decides to disable networking

If you have to fight with Windows directly

Another possibility, and it often comes in combination with the VMware NAT issue, is that Windows decided to activate its firewall. Check the firewall settings. Maybe your VM fell into another "profile" because the network adapter changed. It is generally safe to run a VM without a firewall if it's on a shared network the host provides.

If you cannot change the profile of a network

Go to this article: We need an Internal Switch for Hyper-V which also covers changing a network profile.

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