Windows Server 2012 Minor Roles

This article discusses how to configure comparatively minor roles on Windows Server 2012. I will update it as I proceed with the exercises.

*** DHCP Server ***

add-windowsfeature dhcp
Installs the DHCP server software

Adds the DHCP service to the domain

add-dhcpserverv4binding -interfacealias ethernet -bindingstate $true
Binds the DHCP service to interface ethernet and enables it. Both parameters are positional, i.e. the command can also be issued as add-dhcpserverv4binding ethernet $true.

add-dhcpserverv4scope -startrange -endrange -subnetmask -name pool
Creates a DHCP scope "pool" from to in network All parameters are positional.

set-dhcpserverv4optionvalue -optionid 6 -value
Defines a DHCP-supplied DNS server address OptionID 6 is DNS. Both parameters are positional.

I found it wise to let the root domain controller of the forest be the DHCP server.

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