Jenkinsing ABTokenTools

I set up a Jenkins server (on Windows) with MSBuild and a Git server (on FreeBSD) to compile ABTokenTools and deploy them to my web site automatically.

It turned out the only difficult part was the deployment via ssh.

A few hints:

  1. If you are using a managed service account to run Jenkins, as you probably should, use psexec -u domain\jenkins$ -p ~ cmd from a ssh session to log into the Jenkins service account, assuming it is called jenkins$. (In an RDP session you should probably add -i to the psexec parameters. If you are running Jenkins as LocalSystem use -s.)
  2. Make use of the -v parameter of scp. It will tell you where scp is stuck.
  3. Make sure the known_hosts file is formatted correctly. You cannot have any questions unanswered when Jenkins runs scp.
  4. Use the -i parameter of scp to use a specific id_rsa secret key file.
  5. Use a batch file command powershell Compress-Archive -DestinationPath myzipfile -Path myfolderwithmyartefacts to zip the artefacts for deployment.

See the original article on ABTokenTools which I will hopefully update at some point.

Downloads (perhaps occassionally updated):

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